AJR News Wrap: Maureen Dowd’s Dope and CNN.Com’s Hiring
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June 6, 2014

EDITOR’S NOTE: Links to selected media news from the past week.


* Boston University’s Daily Free Press goes “digital first” (one paper per week, as opposed to four.) (bostonmagazine.com)

* On Saturday, the Twitter feed @everyword, which for seven years, sent out  tweets for “every word in the English language,” will come to an end. (BuzzFeed)

* Hate math? Google will do it for you. (The Huffington Post.)

* Media outlets like running user-generated content, but “very few outlets” credit the original photographer, author or citizen journalist; likewise, few reveal “how they verified it.” (Gigaom)

* “Help me, I’m poor,” and 15 other stereotypes about journalists. (Newscastic)

* Why work-life-balance is a myth and that’s ok: “The work happens when the idea happens.” (You also can’t always control the “life” stuff that happens during work hours, like a PTA meeting or, you know, childbirth.) (LinkedIn)

* Teens react to a retro video of the 90s Internet, which explains what Netscape Navigator is; Juno; Mailzone and more…. (TheDailyDot)


Don’t miss this powerful series of essays by journalists who reveal how they used their own traumatic experience to inform their reporting. It includes Asra Nomani’s remembrance of coping following the death of her friend Daniel Pearl; photographer Joseph Rodriguez’s thoughts on his own incarceration, as well as the time he spent documenting an East Los Angeles gang called Evergreen. Journalists also shared stories of witnessing a deadly train/passenger accident as well as personal suicide attempts. The entire series of essays can be found at the Ochberg Society for Trauma Journalism, which supports the ethical coverage of trauma.


CNN.com is hiring: The news outlet plans to double its political reporting staff for the 2016 presidential election, reports Erik Wemple in The Washington Post. “If you’re a top talent in D.C., expect to get a call from CNN politics,” Ed O’Keefe, vice president of CNNMoney and Politics, told The Post.


So whose mistake is it anyway? John McIntyre, an editor at The Baltimore Sun, argues against identifying editor error in corrections. McIntyre says a publication is a collaborative production … and “the institution … takes collective responsibility for errors.”

Stumped: Writer Susan Orlean posed this whopper on Twitter: “When to use ‘one another’ vs. ‘each other: Discuss:” More than 30 posts were in the thread, with little consensus, but with one reference to ghosts.


Who wants to slog through a blog?: Blogs are so over, writes Dylan Byers in Politico, pointing to Washingtonian reporting on Andrew Sullivan, who left mainstream media to run his own site, the Dish, which has attracted “fewer readers than Sullivan was attracting at the Atlantic site 3 1/2 years ago.”

Dowd’s Dope: New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd shared her bad experience with a pot candy bar she ate legally in Colorado: “I lay curled up in a hallucinatory state for the next eight hours,” she wrote.  (The Medium’s Matt Bors even drew a cartoon!)

Twitter also exploded.

From Mashable business editor Todd Wasserman:

From NYT senior staff writer for social media Michael Roston:  

and this gem:

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