Must Reads: Adorably Awesome Typewriter App and New Sites at WaPo, Boston Globe
Crave the clack-clack of a typewriter? There's finally an app for that, thanks to Tom Hanks.
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September 5, 2014

Editor’s Note: Links to selected media from the past week.

* How adorably awesome. Tom Hanks, who loves typewriters, worked with a developer to create an app called Hanx Writer for the iPad, which “will type and print documents just like an old manual typewriter.”

* Could Twitter’s unfiltered feed be a thing of the past in favor of a more Facebook-like algorithm? Gigaom

* Speaking of Facebook’s algorithms, Poynter offered some answers on how to best display stories on the social media network after its recent algo change, which aims to bury clickbait and emphasize higher quality content. Poynter

* The Washington Post launched a new site called “The Most” which features trending stories from its own publication as well as other news outlets. Washington Post

* The Boston Globe announced a separate site called Crux, which will cover Catholic News. Nieman Journalism Lab.

* Despite the newspaper’s aversion to the word “upcoming,” it has appeared in the Wall Street Journal 200 times in the past year.  Wall Street Journal  

* Forbes, by the numbers: 125 editorial staff. 1,400 contributors. 250 to 300 new stories on the site daily. Columbia Journalism Review 

* Snapchat has a new feature: It allows users to contribute snaps to an ongoing thread to create a “story” in real-time. TechCrunch 

* Reddit releases AMA app for the popular “Ask Me Anything” feature on the site, which invites prominent people to make themselves available to questions from the Reddit community. Nieman Journalism Lab

* The Guardian informs its readers that iCloud isn’t an actual cloud. Twitter hilarity ensues.  The Guardian

* Dao Nguyen is the head of data and growth and BuzzFeed — and also possibly the “key person” for the company’s exponential traffic growth in the last year. Inc.

* The Huffington Post might have to foot part of the bill of the Ferguson, Missouri reporter whose salary it is crowdsourcing. Capital New York

New WaPo Publisher: The Implementer?

Incoming Washington Post Publisher Fred Ryan told the Huffington Post this week that he spoke to Post owner Jeff Bezos about how innovation and technology can “vastly expand its national and international audience.” The Post announced Ryan’s appointment as publisher this week. He replaced Katharine Weymouth, the last member of the Graham family at the paper. The Graham family has led the post in some fashion since 1933, according to the Washington Post. Ryan is the co-founder of Politico and his his legacy there is in the implementation of ideas conceived by others, reported Columbia Journalism Review.

How Much Should the Media Show from Videotaped Killings of Journalists?

News organizations once again confronted questions about how much graphic violence to show this week when a video surfaced online showing the beheading of American journalist Steven J. Sotloff by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, the same group that killed journalist James Foley in the same fashion last month. Capital New York reports that New York Times executive editor Dean Baquet said that although he personally did not watch the videos, he thinks the paper shouldn’t shy away from running “stills of the videos.” “I think readers are smart and I don’t think my job is to protect you from the world we live in, which is a difficult world,” he said, according to Capital New York.

‘Onward’ for Laid Off Journalists at USA Today, The Tennessean

Major layoffs hit USA Today this week,which the paper said came amid “declining print ad sales and supporting its increasing focus on delivering news online and on mobile devices.”

Sixty to 70 jobs were cut, the paper reported and about half of those were newsroom posts. Media industry blogger Jim Romenesko has a list of those that have been laid off at USA Today.

Some journos took the news to Twitter, including rock music writer Edna Gundersen:

Layoffs also began this week at Gannett’s The Tennessean, reported The Nashville Scene.

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