What Journalists Tweet While Waiting Around on Election Day 2014
Photo by Vox Efx via the Creative Commons license on Flickr.
November 4, 2014

The 2014 midterm elections are here, and reporters across the country are covering the occasion with respect and reverence.

And then there are these comedians.

Many journalists cracked Election Day jokes on Twitter while waiting for the results to roll in. We gathered 11 funny tweets from the bored, the angsty, and from the people doing actual work.

1. We start with a tweet from the night before. The simplicity of the Vanity Fair critic/columnist is really what makes it beautiful.

2. David Joachim, assistant editor of the Washington bureau of The New York Times, offers a question that hopefully someone can answer.

3. The executive editor at Vox meditates on an often overlooked issue: What will democracy do to parking?

4. Referencing the long nights and newsroom-sponsored food that reporters face on Election Day, Kristen Hare, a reporter for Poynter, wonders whether newsrooms will feed their reporters chia smoothies.

5. Everybody knows nothing important happens on Election Day until the polls close. A rookie mistake by Hadas Gold, media reporter at Politico.

6. Matt Waite, journalism professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, takes a swing at the dead social network Friendster while commenting on the low voter turnout.

7. Any sentence containing both “Mitt Romney” and “reindeer sausage” is comedy gold. Amanda Terkel, senior political reporter and politics managing editor at The Huffington Post, knows this.

8. Abby Simons, a reporter for the Minneapolis Star Tribune, gets a great quote about hay.

9. Clay Chandler, a reporter for The Clarion Ledger in Mississippi, comes from left field with this political endorsement. With Chandler’s endorsement, Jackie Wayne Sherrill, a revered college football coach, also known as “The Kang,” could potentially take all offices by storm. All hail the Kang.

10. Glenn Fleishman, editor and publisher of The Magazine, references The Simpsons in this tweet. In this particular episode, humanity is enslaved by an alien race. Homer suggests things would be better if they had voted for a different alien, Kodos, but in reality it wouldn’t have made any difference. He says, “Don’t blame me, I voted for Kodos.”

11. A digital strategist and editor working at NPR in Washington D.C. says, in the face of boredom, her newsroom has reverted to exercise.


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