12 Snapchats Hungry College Journalists Will Understand
November 18, 2014
Amanda Eisenberg

The other day, while I snacked on a bag of Funyuns as crumbs sprinkled on my laptop, I wondered: What do other college journalists like to eat?

Was I alone in my love of deadline Funyuns? Were my peers actually churning through their careers as college journalists with rice milk smoothies fortified with chia seeds?

Through the photo messaging app, Snapchat, I asked for pictures of food college journalists eat throughout the day. I needed answers.

Spoiler alert: My peers aren’t chugging chia seed smoothies while waiting for sources to call them back. Not even a little bit.

1. Starting your “mornings” off right with bagels.


Snap via @Mandabean17


2. Getting ready for your first cup of coffee, only to learn all you have is decaf.


Snap via @Mandabean17


3. Shoving delicious treats in your mouth and hoping your source doesn’t call early.


Snap via @pandaboat


4. Second cup of coffee of the day.


Snap via @Mandabean17


5. Buying snacks in bulk knowing you won’t have time to go grocery shopping.


Snap via @alexkirshner


6. Ordering takeout dinner so often that the delivery people know your order.


Snap via @dctello


7. Never home to keep real food in your fridge…


Snap via @realjacobbell


8. …or being home long enough to cook a real meal.


Snap via @realjacobbell


9. When you sat down, your workspace didn’t look like this.


Snap via @Mandabean17


10. Stress eating at its finest


Snap via @realjacobbell


11. Chipotle in the newsroom is never a bad idea


Snap via @Mandabean17


12. Like Cinderella, knowing to switch to tea once the clock strikes 12.


Snap via @jennyhottle



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